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Local Business Spotlight  –  June 2013

Incredible Adventures, Inc.               by Sandy V – Sarasota Media

Getting ready to fly a MiG 29 in Russia

Incredible Adventures has been offering MiG flights over Russia since 1993.

Incredible Adventures of Sarasota, Florida is now in its 20th year of business.  This unique company offers elaborate adventures to its clients and is seen as an innovator in the business of extreme travel. The company is best known for being the first to facilitate supersonic thrill rides on Russian MiG fighter planes.

I had the opportunity to visit the adventure company’s Florida office and speak with one of the company’s owners.  I found  President Jane Reifert to be down to earth and passionate about the thrilling adventures the company offers.  Reifert was eager to talk about the company’s long history.  She recognizes the novelty of the business and knows the excitement created by the company’s extreme adventures.

I learned that the company started as the result of a chance meeting.  In 1993, an American businessman in Moscow was offered a ride in a Russian MiG. The fighter jet ride was life changing for him.  He negotiated a deal with the airbase allowing him to arrange similar flights for others, returned to the US, and formed a company to offer the flights.  The company’s original name was MIGS etc.  The company became Incredible Adventures in 1996, when ownership changed.

According to Reifert, people thought the company’s first ad in the “Wall Street Journal” was a joke.  The idea of an American company offering supersonic flights in Russian MiG fighter jets was unbelievable at the time.  Thanks to national advertising, press coverage and word-of-mouth, the lines of thrill seekers began to grow, as did the company.  Shortly after offering its first MiG flight, the company added space training adventures with the Russian Space Agency.

Throughout the last 20 years, the company has continued to expand its adventure offerings. In addition to its MiG fighter jet flights and Russian space adventures, the company now offers shark diving adventures, driving adventures, extreme skydiving, fantasy military adventures and more. Incredible Adventures has full time staff in Sarasota and Moscow and maintains a network of adventure leaders around the globe.

In the last two decades, the company has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity.  It’s obvious that they take pride in their adventures and are determined to make sure customers are 110% happy. Both the glowing testimonials from past clients, and the high www.incredible-adventures.comnumber of repeat customers, are signs this company is dedicated to accommodating the many needs of its travelers.

Incredible Adventures tries to foresee every possible bump in the road and plan for every potential hiccup.   Weather is one of the biggest challenges the company faces, so they build back-up days and alternate activities into their itineraries.

Twenty years of practical experience has given this company the passion and insight to make dreams come true.  I could see this in the smiles on the faces of adventurers, when I looked at photos of past clients.  I definitely know who I’ll call when I’m ready for an incredible adventure.

If you’d like to learn more about Incredible Adventures, visit their website,, or give them a call at 941-346-2603.  Tell them Sandy sent you.

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